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Parwati Lake


Pithoragarh - Parwati Lake - Chotta Kailash - Sinla Pass Trek

In this exciting trekking region of Kali, Kuti and Dhauli, one not only walks along a large portion of Kailash - Mansarovar route, but also gets an exposure to the sociocultural life of the people living in the Chaudans, Byans and Darma valleys. Pithoragarh often called 'Miniature Kashmir' is the base for treks that takes one to Jolingkong called Chhota Kailash and its small but beautiful lake called Parvati Tal. The route of Sinla Pass is under a heavy blanket of snow and from here one can constantly see the Chhota Kailash Peak. Foreigners are allowed upto Budhi on this route, however they can opt the route from New Sobla to Jolinkong for crossing the Sinla pass. Indians are permitted on this route with inner line permit from D.M. Pithoragarh / SDM Dharchula. New comer is advised to trek with the help of a guide in this region.

Place Distance
(in Kms)
Almora-Pangu 219 (road) TB / PWD RH
Pangu-Sirkha 16 (trek) Camping site
Sirkha-Gala 14 (trek) Camping site
Gala-Malpa 10 (trek) Camping site
Malpa-Budhi 8 (trek) Camping site
Budhi-Gunji 17 (trek)  
Gunji-Kutti 18 (trek) Pvt Accommodation
Kutti-Jolingkong 17 (trek) TB/ITBP
Jolingkong-Parwati Lake and back 4 (trek) TB/ITBP
Jolingkong-Bedang (via Sinla Pass) 5 (trek) (via Sinla Pass)
Bedang-Dattu 14 (trek) Camping site & Pvt Acco.
Dattu-Saila 19 (trek) Camping site & Pvt Acco.
Saila-Baling 18 (trek) Camping site & Pvt Acco.
Baling-New Sobla 17 (trek) Camping site & Pvt Acco.
New Sobla-Dharchula 57 (road) PWD RH/Hotels/Dormitory
Dharchula - Almora 193 (road) Hotels / Govt RHs
Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 20-04-2018