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Milam Glacier


Milam Glacier And Kalabaland Glacier Excursion Grade : 3C

Located in Pithoragarh district, this is one of Kumaun's most well known glaciers. Into it flow the subsidiary glaciers coming off the peaks of Mangraon (6,568 m), Deo Damla (6,637 m), and Sakram (6,254 m) on the eastern rim of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. At the snout of the Milam glacier rises the Goriganga river which is the arterial waterway of the Upper Kumaun Himalayas. The major stream also drains, in the east, the Goankhna Gad and Burfu Gad rising in the massive Kalabaland-Burfu Kalganga glacier system and finally the Ralam Gad and the Pyunsani Gadhera emerging off the western flank of the might Panch Chulhi, Rajrambha and Chaudhara peaks. The return route from Milam to Martoli branches off to Ralam along the Ralam Gad at Rupsia Bagar from where, via Sunkalpa, it is possible to approach the Kalabaland glacier and the Yankchar glacier as it emerges from Ralam Dhura (6,465), north of Rajramba and Panch Chulhi. Delhi to Delhi, plan for twelve (12) days. Inner Line permit required.

Place Distance (in kms) Accomodation
Almora - Munsyari 226 (road) Private Hotels/PWD RH/TB
Munsyari - Lilam 12 (trek) PWD RH/ Panchayat Ghar
Lilam - Bugdyar 13 (trek) Camping
Bugdyar - Rilkot 12 (trek) Camping
Rilkot - Milam village 17 (trek) PWD R.H.
Milam Village - Milam Glacier 4 (trek)  
Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 20-04-2018