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Namik Glacier Trek


In this trek one can see the snout of Namik Glacier and the stream coming down from Anargal and meeting the main stream after going through Jogi Udiyar the ascent of Bhindawali and Penthang.

Place Distance (in kms) Accomodation
Almora - Bageshwer 90 (road) Pvt Hotels / TB / PWD RH
Bageshwer - Liti 50 (road) Pvt Hotels
Liti - Gogina 19 (trek) Pvt Hotels
Gogina-Namik Village 6 (trek) Camping site / village
Dhaldhauk-Sutam Khan 7 (trek) Camping site
Namik Vill-Chaukuna 11 (trek) Camping site
Chaukuna-Runa 12 (trek) Camping site
Runa-Namik Glacier 7 (trek) Camping site
Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 20-04-2018