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Pindari Glacier


Pindari Glacier, Sunderdhunga Glacier, Kaphni Glacier : GRADE 3B

Perhaps the best known trekking route in Kumaun, earlier located in Almora district and now in newly created Bageshwer district, the trail follows the Pindar river to it's source on the glacier are Nandakot (6,860 m), Chhanguch (6,322 m) and Nandaghunti (6,310 m). On the east and west of Pindari glacier are the Kaphni, at the foot of Nandakot and Sunderdhunga glaciers. Further west at the snout of the Namik glacier rises the Ramganga river. Among these Pindari glacier is 3 km. long and 1/4 k.m. broad connected to the southwestern slope of the outer walls of Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Tents and mountain boots are necessary. Fifteen (15) days are required beginning in Delhi and ending at Kathgodam. Following Table would be of use for a trekker :-



Place Distance (in kms) Accomodation
Almora - Bageshwer 90 (road) Pvt Hotels / TB / PWD RH
Bageshwer - Song 40 (road) Pvt Hotels
Song - Dhakuri 14 (trek) TB/PWD RH
Dhakuri - Khati 8 (trek) Pvt Hotels / TB / PWD RH
(a) For Sunderdhunga glacier
Khati - Jatoli 7 (trek) Pvt Hotels / TB / PWD RH
Jaitoli-Khatlia 12 (trek) Camping site / village
Khatliya-Maiktoli Base Camp 5 (trek) Camping site
Maktoli Base Camp - Khatliya 5 (trek) Camping site
Khatliya-Sukhram Glacier 7 (trek) Camping site
Sukhram-Khatliya 7 (trek) Camping site
Khatliya-Sunderdhunga 8 (trek) Camping site
(b) For Pindari & Kaphni Glaciers
Khati - Dwali 11 (trek) TB / PWD RH
Dwali - Phurkiya 5 (trek) TB / PWD RH
Phurkiya - Pindari (Zero Point) 7 (trek)  
Dwali - Kaphni 12 (trek)  
Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 20-04-2018