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The temples at Almora can be conveniently divided by two groups, Shaivite temples include the temples dedicated to femaleform of Shiva. In the former group Tripur Sundari, Udyot Chandeshwer and Parbateshwer were erected in 1688, after the victory of Udyot Chand, the then ruler of Almora over Doti and Garhwal, are presently on the hill just above the Lala Bazar. The temple of Parbateshwara was again endowed by the then rulers of Almora, Dip Chand in 1760 and was renamed Dipchandeshwar. This present temple began to be called the Nanda Devi temple when the image of Nanda was removed from the fort by Mr. Trail, a famous British, the then divisional commissioner of Kumaun. Again eight temples of Bhirava, a form of Siva, were erected during the reign of Gyan Chand to allay the wrath of Bhola Nath. These are :8th Century Sculptures at Jageshwar Temple

1.Kal Bhairava
2.Batuk Bhairav
3.Shah Bhairav
4.Garhi Bhairava
5.Anand Bhairava
6.Gaur Bhairava
7.Bal Bhairava
8.Khutkuniya Bhairava

It seems that eight gates of the city of Shiva are watched by eight Bhairavas. There are nine temples dedicated to nine forms of Durga. They are :

1.Patal Devi or
Patreshwari Devi
2.Yakshini Devi
3.Rajrajeshwari Devi
6.Ulka Devi
7.Sitla Devi
8.Kot Kalika
9.Durga Ratneshwari

There are also temples of Vishwanath, Someshwar and Kshetrapal.

Ancient Temple at Almora Court (Photogragh : Lalit Verma)Among the Vaishnavite temples, the most important is the temple of Siddha Narsimha. It was endowed by Gorkhalis. Raghunath temple was endowed in 1788 by Raja Mohan Singh Chand. There are four temples dedicated to Lord Ganesh. They are Bhitla Ganesh, Gairi Ganesh, Nanda Devi Ganesh and Siddha Ganesh. The Nar Singh temple at Narsimha Bari is another Vaishnavite temple. The temples of Murli Manohar, Hanuman and Badreshwer were erected very late. One of the Ganesh temples was endowed by the then ruler Kalyan Chand in 1731 A.D.. This small town can fairly be called a city of temples which proves the religious zeal and favour of the Hindu Rajas and their Brahman and Kshatriya followers. The orthodox rites and rituals of Hindu religion have still been preserved in pure form.


Ancient Temple at Almora Court (Photogragh : Lalit Verma)

Jageshwar is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Almora district, Uttarakhand, dedicated toLord Shiva, located 36 km northeast of Almora, in Kumaun region. The temple city comprises a cluster of 124 large and small stone temples, dating 9th to 13th century AD.

Jageshwar is believed to be the site of first of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Nageshvara Jyotirlinga. The 'Jageshwar Monsoon Festival', held between 15 July to 15 August takes place at Jageshwar during the Hindu calendar month of Shravan.and the annual 'Maha Shivratri Mela' (Shivratri festival), which takes place during spring has an important place in the calendar of the entire Kumaon region.

Source : District Administration-Almora, Uttarakhand, Last Updated on 20-04-2018