Cultural Heritage

         The region of Kumaun hills is rich in folk lore and the folk tales of Ajua-Bafaul, Narsingh and Ghana, Purukh Pant and the tales of Chivalry of Gangnath, and the mythical tales of Haru-Sem, Golu,Bin-bhat, Ganwara, Kalsem, Churmal Airi, Pari and Anchari are prominent. Many of these tales in the form of lallads are sung in diverse melodies and Nyoli, Bhagnaula, Chapeli, Jhorra, Chanchari, Barrey, Shakun Geet and Banara belong to this group. The folk songs of this region make a poetic description of the glory of the Himalayan Region, the inherent charm of Nandadevi, Panchhchuli, Trishul and Chiplakot and the beauty of various aspects of nature including the luxuriant vegetation and the dense forest of Deodar, Banj (Oak) and Shiling Kafal, Burans (Rhododendrone) etc. The folk songs also frequently allude to the fields, forests, rivers, streams, rivulets, fauna and the snow clad peaks.