Contact detail and Tentative Schedule Of DM Almora

e-mail – dm-alm-ua[at]nic[dot]in

Contact : 05962230170

Date Sr.No. Time Program Venue
04/11/2019 1 11.00 AM Invitation of the inauguration of a 15-day training program of National Youth Servants by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Almora at ETC Hawalbag. ETC Hawalbag
2 11.00 AM   to 3.00 PM The name return of the President and Vice-Chairman of the District Panchayat at District Panchayat, Almora. District Panchayat, Almora
3 11.00 AM   to 3.00 PM Return of nomination papers/candidature for the posts of Chiefs of Area Panchayats, Senior Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and Junior Deputy Chiefs
06/11/2019 1 10:00 AM Invitation as chief guest on the occasion of the inauguration of district-level athletics competition organized by the Education Department at Narasimha Maidan, Ranikhet. Narasimha Maidan, Ranikhet
2 10.00 AM  to 3.00 PM In the event of contesting elections for the posts of Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs and Junior Deputy Chiefs of all the 11 Area Panchayats, the respective area Panchayat Headquarters Panchayat Headquarters
3 Immediately after voting ends Counting of the posts of the chiefs of the area panchayats, senior heads, deputy heads, and junior deputy heads
4 03:00 PM Court work.
5 03:00 PM Hearing of appeal under the Right to Information Act.
07/11/2019 1 On the occasion of State Foundation Day, the Youth Conference (Mere Yuva Meri Shan) organized by the State Government-Daily Hindustan at Uday Shankar Natya Academy, Almora. (Coordinator Mr. Yogesh Mishra, Deputy Director, Information and Public Relations Department, Uttarakhand ) Uday Shankar Natya Academy, Almora
2 10.00 AM  to 3.00 PM Voting for the President and Vice President of the District Panchayat
3 Until the end of work immediately after the vote. Counting of votes for the President and Vice President of the District Panchayat.