Contact detail and Tentative Schedule Of DM Almora

e-mail – dm-alm-ua[at]nic[dot]in

Contact : 05962230170

Deval, Salt

Date S.N Time Program Place
03/05/2019 1 10.00 AM Talks on various points with District Tourism Officer and District Disaster Management Officer camp office
2 11.00 AM Review meeting with regard to a successful implementation of cleanliness drive from Kosi Katarmal and Chaiti to Danaapani District Office
3 12.30 PM Mr. Sreesh Kumar Interview with Executive Directors Revenue Police and Land Records Training Institute Almora District Office
07/05/2019 1 10.30 AM District Level Monitoring Committee Meeting under Bio-Chikista Upstream Thrust Rules District Office
08/05/2019 1 11.00 AM Special cleaning campaign from Kosi to Karbala
2 2.00 PM Court work District Office
09/05/2019 1 1.00 PM Hearing of appeals under the Right to Information Act District Office