Gairad Golu Dev Temple

Golu Devata or Lord Golu is the legendary mythological and historical God of the Kumaun region and is their deity. The Dana Golu devata Gairar, temple is about 2 km from the main gate of Binsar wildlife sanctuary & about 15 km. from Almora. Origin Golu Devata is thought to be as an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav (Shiva), and is worshipped all over the region and regarded as the dispenser of justice by the devotees with extreme faith. It is said that Shri Kalyan Singh Bisht ( Kalbisht ) was born at Kotura village near a big village Patiya where Deewan of the king lived. At the very young age Shri Kalbisht overpowered and killed all devils (Shaitaans) of the Kumaon region and always helped the poors and oppressed. Shri Kalbisht was suspiciously beheaded with his own axe by his near relative,who was influenced by the Deewan of Patiya. He was beheaded by the king and his body fell at Gairar at Dana Golu and his head fell at Kaparkhan, a few km from Almora. At Dana Golu, there is the original and most ancient temple of Golu devata. Golu devata is seen in form of Lord Shiva, his brother Kalva devata is in form of Lord Shiva, his brother Kalva devata is in form on Bhairava and Garh Devi is form of Shakti. Golu devata is also prayed as key deity(Ista/ Kula devata) in many villages of Kumaun. Dana Golu devata is known as God of justice and prayed with great pride and enthusiasm. Dana Golu devata is offered with White Cloths, white pagari and white shaal. There are many temples of Golu Devata in Kumaun, and the most popular are at Gairad (Binasr), Chitai, Champawat, Ghorakhal. It is popular belief that Golu Devata dispenses quick justice to the devotee. Devotees in turn offer bells after the fulfillment of their wishes. Thousands of bells of every size can be seen hanging over the temple premises. Many devotees file a lot of written petitions daily, which are received by the temple.

How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest airport to Almora is at Pantnagar, the seat of a famous agricultural university, about 147 KMs from Gairad and 127 KMs From Almora.

By Train

The nearest railway station is at Kathgodam situated around 110 KMs away. Kathgodam is connected by rail directly with Delhi, the capital of India, Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Dehradun the capital of the state of Uttarakhand.

By Road

Gairad Mandir is well connected through road network. Since air and rail connectivity in Uttarakhand is limited, road network is the best and easily available transport option. You can either drive to Almora and than Gairad or hire a cab/taxi to reach Gairad from Delhi or any other nearby cities.